What documents do I need to open a Tally account?

When you sign up to Tally, you will be asked to submit a copy of your identification documents which contains a photographic ID. This is used to carry out a number of checks to ensure your account is secure.

At the moment, we only accept the following UK documents when signing up:

UK driving licence

EU Passport

UK National Identity card

You may also be required to also provide one of the following supporting documents:

Council Tax bill (valid for the current year)

Utility bill (dated within last three months)

Telephone bill (dated within the last three months) – mobile phone bills are not acceptable

Sky or cable tv bills (dated within the last three months)

Credit card bill (dated within the last three months).

Bank, building society, credit union statement – showing current activity (dated within the last three months).

All supporting documents must contain your name and the address at which you registered your Tally account.