What happens if my money doesn’t clear in time to move into my fixed-rate safe?

Your offer will expire and you’ll miss out on that round of fixed-rate savings accounts. If you’d still like to open a fixed-rate savings account, you’ll need to rejoin the waitlist.   

To avoid missing out on a fixed-rate safe, you first need to ensure that the GBP value of Tally in your everyday account will cover your fixed-rate amount. 

If you need to deposit additional funds into your everyday account, the sooner you do this (post notification your fixed-rate safe is available), the more time you will have for funds to clear before your safe closes. 

Whilst most deposits arrive in your Tally everyday account within seconds some can take a little longer. Find out more about that here

With adequate funds in your everyday account, you can instantly transfer your desired amount into your fixed-rate safe before it closes.