Why does my GBP value fluctuate in an everyday Tally account but not in my fixed-rate account?

When you transfer GBP into your everyday Tally account, those funds are used to purchase LBMA-accredited gold at the global wholesale price. Your gold is then denominated in Tally, which allows you to save and spend it using your Tally App and Tally Debit Mastercard. 

As the price of gold fluctuates (up and down) relative to GBP, so does the corresponding equivalent GBP value of your everyday Tally account. But given gold is historically proven to increase in value over time compared to GBP, so does money held in Tally

Tally’s fixed-rate savings product allows you to lock in a GBP value, letting the corresponding Tally balance fluctuate in accordance with the price of gold. In this instance, your GBP value remains fixed, as does your 2% return.

At the end of your fixed term, your GBP value will automatically be moved back to your everyday Tally account, where you can access the funds and where it will once again fluctuate in accordance with the gold price.