What trustee agreement does Tally have in place?

Tally Ltd and its operating subsidiaries have entered into a security trust deed with an independent third-party security trustee.
In the unlikely event that anything happens to TallyMoney Ltd (or its parent entity Tally Ltd), all of the gold represented as tally in customer accounts will promptly be sold by the Security Trustee (Woodside Corporate Services Ltd, FCA Ref No. 467652), and the fiat value of each customer account, less a 1% fee, will be deposited into the customer’s designated bank account. What’s the 1% for? This pays for the legal mechanism that would come into play and the prompt and efficient administration of returning customer money by the Security Trustee. No limits, no caps, just peace of mind.
The security trustee contact details are as follows:
Woodside Corporate Services Limited
4th Floor, 
50 Mark Lane, 
London EC3R 7QR

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